Collection: PART THREE



Harajuku dressing culture


Girls in lolita dress, picture available at: HERE

5255a8833e66a8b62119b29824b4b11a--angelic-pretty-lolita-fashion.jpg e7f97bf7d1a6ebaa77a5cc14fbfb8fe7.jpg 

Lolita dress, available at: (Left) (Right)

9575dad16721badb584689cb83540146.jpg large.jpg Mayupu-Juria-Harajuku-2012-05-06-DSC2366.jpg

Nakagawa Juria, available at: @juria05_23

NK-2018-05-26-017-001-Harajuku-D58-8662-768x1152.jpg TK-2018-05-20-008-001-Harajuku_1.jpg Pokemon-Fashion-Harajuku-Spinns-20160709D509792-600x900.jpg 

Street snaps at harajuku, available at:

Japanese idol group "AKB48"


Picture available at:


Picture availale at:


"AKB48" members at the 10th aniversary with Rino Sashihara, the girl who has been voted the most on the "senbatsu" which means election in Japanese. Picture available

NHK "Document 72 hour"series of documentary <Underground idols>


This video has been published on 23th August, 2013

1234996-0-q80.jpg FB_IMG_1517839668177.jpg

"No relationships diciplines"

"Ren-ai kinshi jourei"

BBC news, AKB48 pop star shaves head after breaking band rules, available at:


DOCUMENTARY of AKB48 No flower without rain

Video available at: , published 1st February 2013



TV show, available at:

akbingo_000_001.jpg DH14yh7UMAAK48u.jpg x720-agB.jpg

Idol industry in japan

<The otaku encyclopaedia>

WeChat Image_20180725235629.jpg WeChat Image_20180725235649.jpg WeChat Image_20180725235646.jpg WeChat Image_20180725235638.jpg WeChat Image_20180725235642.jpg WeChat Image_20180725235632.jpg WeChat Image_20180725235635.jpg   

I quotoed some entries that relate to "idols".


WeChat Image_20180725203645.jpg WeChat Image_20180725203650.jpg WeChat Image_20180725203709.jpg WeChat Image_20180725203704.jpg WeChat Image_20180725203655.jpg WeChat Image_20180725203659.jpg WeChat Image_20180725203630.jpg

Reference sources

<Cosplay girls>

WeChat Image_20180725193421.jpg WeChat Image_20180725193426.jpg WeChat Image_20180725193417.jpg WeChat Image_20180725193406.jpg WeChat Image_20180725193411.jpg

I found this book about cosplay today at library. 


Reference source

Bubble economy and idol industry

WeChat Image_20180730105815.png WeChat Image_20180730105825.png WeChat Image_20180730105949.png 477137-XXL.jpg 0096811328852000.jpeg

Tate modern, 25/07

WeChat Image_20180726105222.jpg WeChat Image_20180726105226.jpg WeChat Image_20180726105344.jpg WeChat Image_20180726105403.jpg WeChat Image_20180726105406.jpg WeChat Image_20180726105410.jpg WeChat Image_20180726105421.jpg

Andy Warhol

Andreas Gursky

5fO_p-Nqxf3m.jpg 8S8x1l3tJSU4.jpg.1 840ca866cf58e4080955bd5e0aff3118dc7d56ef_1100.jpg.1

From left to right: Salerno, 1990; Chicago Mercantile exchange, 1997; 99cent, 1999


I see a collectivism tendency in Gursky's work. Gursky's pictures have a high density and look intensive. However, they make me feel loose and disorder than aggresive. Feels like his not focusing on any certain object but a monolithic atmosphere. Same thing soon reminds me of cyberpunk that is a hypothetical future with mankind generally merging with mechanisms. I've been thinking of that copy and paste Gursky's pictures for thouands of times it will cause a mental pollution. Similar idea was found in a comment made of Gursky's large works by Calvin Tomkins when he confronts them:

"The first time I saw photographs by Andreas Gursky...I had the disorienting sensation that something was happening—happening to me, I suppose, although it felt more generalized than that. ...Their subject matter was the contemporary world, seen dispassionately and from a distance." ("the big picture" in"The new yorker", 22/01/2001)

Meanwhile i see comments that i'm not agree with as well:

"Gursky’s style is enigmatic and deadpan. There is little to no explanation or manipulation on the works. His photography is straightforward" (David Grosz, ARTINFO, 16/04/2008)

Instead of using the word deadpan, these pictures have strong emotions for me. I've been curious into his background as he is an German but as the comment quoted these pictures are lack of explaination. Anyways, i think i'll look up his style and put my own perspective into a panoramic scene, too.

Here is the websites that i also looked up:

Benjamin Wlter - 'The Work of Art in the Age of Its Technological Reproducibility


Guerrilla girls

p78793.jpg P78796_10.jpg 150.2014.38##S.jpg

I quite like the style of typography use and the strong visual contrast between colours. 


Ghost in the shell - Stand alone complex

WeChat Image_20180803105442.jpg WeChat Image_20180803105432.jpg WeChat Image_20180803105438.jpg


As i said Andreas Gursky's work has reminded me of cyberpunk, here i am for the animation <Ghost in the shell - S.A.C.>. This is a magic realism scene i found and photographed myself. Although this is an extreme example but the concept has made me think of collectivism which is a bit similar with idol group that emphasize "group beyond than individuals". As a person i feel uncomfortable naturally with the concept of collectivism and anything that kills personal values and turn them into 

AKB48 group Logos


AKB groups in different cities and countries


AKB48 theatre cafe shop logo

akb48_koko_ni_ita_koto_logo_vector_by_anotheraizen14-d7zdjop.png AKB48Show!.jpge69caae591bde5908d.png images.jpg

Logos that from different events or cooperated activities

"Call" tutorial in idol concerts

<1000 music graphics>

 Stoltze, C. (2008). 1000 music graphics. Quayside.: Rockport.

 WeChat Image_20180806143825.jpg WeChat Image_20180806143702.jpg WeChat Image_20180806143713.jpg WeChat Image_20180806143726.jpg WeChat Image_20180806143806.jpg WeChat Image_20180806143813.jpg WeChat Image_20180806143830.jpg

Museum of brands 05/08

 WeChat Image_20180808085843.jpg WeChat Image_20180808085850.jpg WeChat Image_20180808085853.jpg WeChat Image_20180808085856.jpg WeChat Image_20180808085902.jpg

The museum generally doesnt allowed any sort of photoshoot but there's still a small area that is able for taking pictures. The museum has many commercial packagings which is interesting since you're able to see the way it chaging through years. It also has diplay cases of certain brands ("Shell"). Visual is only the starting of a successful brand, what i have found was details and stay in consistency. For example, Shell has been always sticking on the small shell logo in yellow and red, and thats what the customers see. Positioning is another vital factor of branding. You don't have too be distinct or very special but you need to provide the differences.

Shelfs in supermarkets

WeChat Image_20180815235349.jpg

AKB48 online shop

avaiable at: AKB48 official online shop

WeChat Image_20180812232812.png WeChat Image_20180812232749.png

The intuitive feeling of this website is the idols are the product themselves. Girls with their face are presented in small circles waiting for people to click on the price tag. Plus i'm was doing researches in supermarket and this reminds me of a similar concept.

Bubblegum pop (terminology)

bubblegum-pop.jpg c5b016d9dfb514791b8407b9ca6513f8.jpg 200811031338.jpg R-2409661-1282470866.jpeg.jpg

Bubblegum pop is a genre of assembly-line produced songs with an upbeat catchy tone and aiming for children and adolescences. Tutor suggested this genre to me because it's quite close to idol bands musics (same assembly line process and catchy tone) turned out that i was more inspired by its bright pop art style graphic. I think i'll refer to its graphic style in my work also i'm looking up graphics on sugar packs as well.

Fast food packaging and sustainbilities

Fast food packaging

2016%2F01%2F07%2F95%2F2016.cc069.jpg mcdonalds-packaging-2.jpg mcdonalds-mcwrap-chicken-604ds032113.jpg 86152359_4KmaajdpDPVotox6J0TinAvL-ALJ96VanK9SV3hJHkY.jpg DIAD_21929_0049768A.JPG bk-rebrand-hed-2015.jpg KFC-China-30-years-Rebrand-01.jpg glba_KFC_3.jpg 

Fast food packgaing is interesting to look at, especially on sustanability and visual impacts. Fast food, also go by junk food, is the name of low preparation foods. Mostly they contain less nuitritionally values and dont need cutleries to go with. Although there are a variety of fast food stores exist, they almost selling same stuffs: hamburger, chips, soft drinks and ice creams. Same thing repeat and repeat in different formulas. Majority of the packaging is made of recycled paper with eye-catching identical colours. It reminds me of what if a packaging for a "fast food"music would like?

Hiroki Nishiyama

d2b07f889ae6684b1300727e0ba63f94.jpg DjPqr8JV4AA3TbL.jpg DkFJWzhU8AEkBWa.jpg DkKgN-IUYAAfPGp.jpg DjwMCg2UcAEEmgw.jpg

Official website:

Instagram: @chacknishi

Nishiyama hiroki who graduated from Tama arts university has a doctor degree in graphic design. I was quite fascinated by his personal style in screen printing with acrylic stencils. The one-day workshop reminds me of him and i think that i'll maybe refer to his style.


Sweets wraps

WeChat Image_20180812205535.jpg.1 WeChat Image_20180812205408.jpg WeChat Image_20180812205404.jpg

These sweets are colourful and eye-attracted. Most of the material is plastic though some without individual packaging are put in paper boxes. I bought a few for research use.

Tame Impala - The Less I Know The Better (produced by CANADA)

Writings of "the less" mv

maxresdefault.jpg CANADA_tameimpala_INT_5.jpg Canada-Tame-impala-5-640x360.png med_1471853950_image.jpg med_1472873819_image.jpg Tame-Impala-The-Less-I-Know-The-Better-by-CANADA_fb.jpg tame-impala-the-less-i-know-the-better.jpg 

Just like the other mv in album <Currents>, <the less i know the better> has strong and distinct style in graphic as well which just matches the sugar wrap and fast food packaging researches. The animation part that amazed me the most was done by Lope Serrano turned out it was successful. I appreciate the way of merging reality with animation for a surrealism visual effect and the illustration style of animation which i also love is another shining point. The whole music video is a narrative of a boy in high school who was two-timed by the girl he loves. there is a strong comparison of the greyish, psychedelic tone and the cliche, colourful high school triangle love story and this is even more interesting. i might refer it in my designing work.

Interview with CANADA

Carlos Bauer

(2).jpg .jpg.1 (1).jpg

Picture available at: HERE

Special fan group activities

1a1c818f.jpg 8d41e88d.jpg 2014329172238.jpg 2014227161457.jpg

"Ouenfuku" pictures available: HERE also see:

In japan, idol group fans have their own culture and behaviours such as doing "CALL" and "MIX" as the youtube video shown above. "CALL" is sort of yelling that fans shouting out at concerts with fixed content while "MIX" is some gestures. Both of them are used to support idols in concerts and lives. Same with "Ouenfuku" which means "supporting garment" that fans wear in concerts. These robes are usually bespoke with idol's name on, also it can be get from eleswhere like amazon or yahoo japan(see link above) if the idol herself has large amount of fans.