Romain LeBlanc >>My life is more beautiful than yours<<


Romain LeBlanc

I dont know how the others think about the internet but it does saved my life. Thanks to google translate, now I can finally understand what does Romain Leblanc say in his website. In 2005, Leblanc shot(took) a series of selfie called "Ma vie est plus belle que la votre" which means "My life is more beautiful in yours". I was soon attracted by his sense of humour, and I thought it might be a sort of satire towards over decorated photos on social media.

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  • "Frameing herself as she frames the other", John Slyce
  • Wearing’s work reveals that the camera does not take a neutral stance towards its object, but is rather a powerful mass-media organ that breaks down the divide between public and private. (From “Just love me: post/feminist positions of the 1990s from the Goetz Collection”)

(Note:  Gillian Wearing respects her shooting objects by adding her own interpretations instead of just shoot and audience decide what to read. Because once she said that "anthropology attempts to compress human subjectivity into scientific objectivity"(Gillian Wearing, Art review 58 in Art source). John Slyce also puts that “Gillian Wearing does not suffer the indignity of speaking for others.”(10-16, Life under the conditions of art, John Slyce) Gillian also said that she can’t bare photographers who shall be recording the truth fake something that pander to mass media. ("For me, one of the biggest problems with pure documentary photography is how the photographer, like the artist, engineers something to look like a certain kind of social statement—for instance, you can make someone look miserable, when this is just one side, a nuance of their personality. They might just be looking away at something, but their expression could be read as showing a kind of depression in their overall behavior. I couldn’t bear the idea of taking photographs of people without knowing", “In conversation with Gillian Wearing" by M, De Salvo Dona).

Mask is another metaphor in Gillian’s work. She uses them to not only protect her participants but also immerse them in an atmosphere of arts so that they wont be afraid of any judgements. In her work ”Masks(2002)”, Gillian asked eight participants to share their traumas while wearing a mask. The mask is the age that they get hurt.


Bib: [13 Jun 2018]



In this picture, Wearing is wearing a mask of her own face to complete herself.



Artists on Printing and Etching


Nick Morley

Official website: Linocut Boy

Personal website:

nick morley.jpg



Sister Corita Kent

 65-17.jpg corita_64_24_custom-8b147001c6e3283a70e919be5718de23e364df88-s900-c85.jpg Sister-Mary-Corita-Kent-The-Rights-of-All-Men-1964-377x350.jpg

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Google doodle alert, available at:

Corita Kent Art Exhibition, available at:


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Barnette, D.C. A nun inspired by Warhol, available at: A Nun Inspired by Warhol [04 Jul 2018]

Contemporary Calligrapher & Typographer Research


Seb Lester 

Instagram page available at: @seblester

Seb Lester is a London based calligrapher who does calligraphy with varies tools. He graduated from Central saint martins, and I found him on instagram. From pictures here we can see that Lester mainly doing Gothic, cooperplate and spencers. He uses nib a lot, but also working with markers. 



Kelly Klapstein

Instagram page available at: @kellycreates

Personal page available at:

Different from Seb Lester, Kelly mainly uses brush pens to create her art works which is also my preference. I have been following her for long time and she is one of my favourite lettering artist. My first logo draft was inspired by her.



Marian Bantjes

Personal page available at: Marian Bantjes

Marian is a typographer rather than a calligrapher.


Marian is different from the other two artist above, she does the art of pure typography. Her works are very colourful and playful, which i might make a reference of her colour palatte in my future work.

Anthony Burrill >>hotel Hans brinker<<


Anthony Burill

Hans brinker, a Amsterdam based hotel, is famous for it's miserable environment and poor facilities. Suddenly one day the hotel decided to turn all these disadvantages into selling points, so they invided a graphic designer to create the following series of posters. And the designer himself is Anthony Burill.


*Here are the posters*


anthony burrill.jpg


Photo credit to: Anthony Burrill personal website


The posters have strong contrast in both colour using  and typography. For typography and illustrations Burrill has blurred the edges in order to give a handmake feeling. The hotel logo has been removed from posters (we can see that logo is not one of the essentials in poster design), only name and telephone number are left and cropped in a blast dialogue bubble. The bubble shape "suppose" to looks cheap since it's been used everywhere for highlighting something, however, in this poster it totally fits into background without any low-priced feeling. The sans-serif font is tall and slim with sharp joints, and I think the designer might have done serveral tracking since I can't find the exact font in fontlab. Letters with a bowl or a large counter, for example letter "O" and "G", is slightly shorter than the others for a visual balances. I guess all these small adjustments is for it to be read as a poster heading instead of a text. The bicolour also has me fascinated, I like the way he using bright colours, it just makes the whole poster and idea even stronger. I like the way he kind of using irony slogans and strong visual impact, and I think I will do something in handmake style as well.



SHEN, XIAO >> The art of hand shadow play <<


3728523048.jpg 4258913531.jpg 

4437488333.jpg 4354710314.jpg

 I researched this artist when I did the "hand"-made alphabets boomerang video. He let me see the possibility of communication by hands, and this whole art of hands and plays.

photo credit:




David Shrigley

41tgEuA2zdL._SY450_.jpg BCP242__45453.1510662217.386.513.jpg download.png SHRIGLEY031__00426.1510662084.386.513.jpg SHRIGLEY052__19200.1510662131.386.513.jpg

Pictures available at: David Shrigley


David is an interesting illustrator tutor recommended to me in the Drawing project. His pictures look lovely and weird, which quite fit into my styles because I just did similar stuff without any conscious in this project. 



Antony Gormley



Available at: HERE




Available at: HERE


I was quickly fascinated into Gromley's world with his random iron wires sculptures.  Gromley is a british installation artist who create large scale sculptures with basically only frame. Metal, the most common material in his work, are often shown in differen states: wires, cube, messy coils and even pillars. They look quite aggressive and full of tensions, and I want to use this kind of "powerful" look to be the structure and frame of our piece of work. Since the idea is that women's birth freedom has been restricted, I also looked up other artists for their idea of cage and bounds. 

ce7d30594f8f8401d3804367c6c4334c.jpg youzhibicagedduckegg2016.jpg

Bobby Doherty (Left), available at: HERE

YOUZHI BI., available at: HERE